Internet Marketers of New York (IM-NY) meets once a month for a casual networking event. A typical meeting is about 30-50 internet marketers mingling around and talking to each other. Information is shared and discussed person-to-person to better protect sensitive information. There are no formal presentations or sales pitches.

Our meetings are structured to maximize networking opportunities and keep formal presentations to a minimum. We find it more rewarding to be able to have several intimate and personal discussions than listening to prepared speeches.

All internet marketers are invited to join the Internet Marketers of New York Meetup Group to receive meeting details. If you haven’t joined the meetup group, then don’t expect to be reminded about our next meeting.

Common Questions

  • Can industry rookies attend?
    Yes, anyone can attend. However that does not mean it is a smart choice for rookies to attend. If you are brand new to internet marketing, we STRONGLY SUGGEST you do some research and learning before attending otherwise you won’t know what questions to ask or how best to utilize the answers you hear. You should know these terms before attending: SEO, PPC, social marketing, keyword research, & analytics. If you show up knowing nothing, expect other members to refuse to expose their specific money making secrets, keywords, and websites to you.
  • Are meetings free?
    Sorta, IMNY does not charge a fee but the bars that provide us meeting space require a drink minimum (soda, beer, wine, etc.). If you can not afford $20 to buy yourself some drinks then you probably should not attend. IMNY is here to help fellow marketers. IMNY is not here to provide free drinks and consulting to cheap idiots.

  • What is taboo?
    Internet marketers are a weird bunch. We spend most of our days & nights working in front of computers so our people skills are not always the best. To avoid awkward situations here are some tips:
    Never ask a webmaster to expose his money making keywords. Developing money making keywords often requires a lot of research and hard work. No sane webmaster would easily give up that valuable intel to a stranger.
    Be generous. When someone gives you a good tip or helps you solve a hard problem, do something nice for them. Buy them a drink or at the very least say THANK YOU. Saying thank you does not cost a dime and yet people often forget to say it.
    Don’t be upset when someone refuses to share a tip. Many of us offer consulting services and we charge alot of money for this because our knowledge is very powerful. Yes we like to help each other and often give out very useful tips, but that does not mean you are entitled to unlimited free consulting. Either pay for consulting or be happy with the free advice you get.

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